Thursday, December 15, 2011

I do it my way..

People told me that I have to think of other people in the universe who have greater issues than mine and I should be thankful with all that I have.  Yes, I know that I have a family, I have a job which pays me well (ok, they can pay me more, I don't mind at all...), friends who cares, bla bla bla....  It is not that I am not thankful.  It is not like that at all.  My blog is just my way of letting go of what I have in my chest.  How in my small mind, what I wanted "more" of my life.  I get it that I have to change something, or my ways or my thoughts, whatsoever, in order for me to actually achieve what I wanted.  I get it that what I am doing now is merely mind masturbation that will not ever give me any orgasm.  But it is jut my way....

I can be so bloody emotional at one point of time.... but I switched to be happy with just a simple act of love and kindness.  That is just me.  So people out there, can you just accept me as me?  As I accept you as you? Your kindness, your selfishness, your love, your hatred..... all of it!

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  1. im very sure the people around u can accept u as u r..unless they didnt know u ur inner self more n show the world that u can be urself..dont fucking mind what the others think about long as u happy as u are rite now..if they love u, they will accept u no matter who u are..n thats what we call a true chill out ok~!!