Friday, January 13, 2012

A declaration!

I was sharing with my colleague and my boss the other day, on how if we want to change something, we have to declare it a.k.a share with others.  This is to ensure that:

  • we are really serious in making the change happen
Sometimes we just wanted something, "keinginan", wish, etc. but we do not have that compelling desire to really make it happen.  One good example that is near to my heart would be to lose weight.  I have been wanting to lose weight since forever but it was just something that came out for my mouth with no action.  But somehow, I don't know what possess me but I finally did lost quite a lot of weight recently which I am so proud of.  (perhaps it has something to do with me being heart broken tsk tsk, does that mean you have to be heart broken first then you can lose weight?? :-p)  Yup, perhaps it was the trigger point.  I was not yet heart broken when I decided to take some action but I have already sensed that something is definitely brewing....

I remembered some time back when someone asked me to give him one good reason on why I needed to lose weight.  At that point he reckoned that I wanted to do it to impressed "a man" (or was it a few men?? haha...) which I denied.  I said, it was for myself..... But then, whilst I am blogging (like right now, I thought, perhaps he was right!!)  I think, though I would still want to deny this fact.... (like as if I can actually lie to myself... tsk, tsk again!) Yup, he was in a way definitely right.  I wanted to look good, especially in the eye of the person that I wanted to impress.  But then, now since all this heart broken saga happened, and I am already thinner and looking "hot" <----- (perasan!), though luck you F%$$##**&!! I am now out to impressed other men... (hahahahhahah....)

Anyway, the point here is; you wanted something to happen, you can't just wait for it to happen, we need to work it.  That's where the compelling desire comes in.... (mesti betul-betul ingin kan perubahan itu, bukan hangat-hangat tahi, whatever, ayam ke, kucing ke, babi ke.... you choose!)
  • we have some sort of support from whoever that we choose to share our desirous "change"
This is very important.  I will still use the same example of losing weight.  Everyone in my department knew I was on some sort of diet since last year October and all of them have seen the result since last year December on how I have suddenly became "smaller".  My colleague and my boss has actually appointed me to become their "life coach" to support them in their journey to lose weight too..... (I wonder if I am qualified enough as I am still struggling to maintain my current weight and still have a few more kgs to lose.... 3 kgs to be exact!!!)

But I supposed, by just being supportive, reminding my friends to drink lots of water, not to take too much sugar, to keep away from carbo for atleast 2 weeks, to look for Dukan Diet menu.... thats not too difficult.  Or is it?

  • courage to face the issues that comes with the change that we want
Hmmm... to me, this is the hardest part.  I am a total "penakut" when it comes to change.  Change is scary.  Especially when you are so bloody comfortable with the way things are.... One change will definitely have impact on others... like a domino, which will lead to another change and another.  I have been thinner once, thank you to a slimming centre... but I didn't manage to maintain that weight lost because I succumb to my desire to eat with my "friends".  I didn't want to change my "after work activities lepakking with colleagues".  Not that I am blaming them for making me eat... (hahahaha!)  But that was my experience. Am I able to maintain "me" now?

Ofcourse I will!!




Why am I so sure?

Because I have grown...

And become ME!

That's a declaration!

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