Monday, January 9, 2012

Not ever!

When I watched crime stories on television on rape or murder, I have always wondered how the victim or their family members cope with the situation.  I would have imagined that if it happens to me, I will be satisfied if the rapist or the murderer was caught and jailed or hanged or I don't know, anything as long as the person got sentenced.  Then today...

I knew.

It will not be the same.  A rape victim will never feel the same no matter what happen to the rapist.  You will never feel the same if you have been violated in anyway...

In any form.

I was not raped.  I was just being betrayed.

Trust me, same thing, same feeling.... VIOLATED!

And today, I thought I will feel better when karma happens;


but I did not.

I still feel betrayed, I will not be able to trust YOU ever again.  It will never the same again.  Not ever!

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  1. yeah maybe its the same feeling as being raped. though i was not raped either before hehe