Thursday, January 26, 2012

pantun lepas geram...

kau memang jahat
aku memang benci
sampai hati kau sakitkan hati ini

kau memang jahat
aku takkan lupa sampai mati
akan ku balas jugak dendam ini

kau memang jahat
tapi kau tak kenal siapa aku lagi
aku pun jahat jugak tapi kau tak tau hihihihihi....

kau sebenarnya bodoh
katak bawah tempurung hidup lonely
confirm takkan kau dapat apa yang diingini

kau sebenarnya bodoh
dah lah bodoh ego pulak lagi
macamana aku boleh terbodoh suka kat kau..... eeeee!!!!

kawan ku kata
sampai bila kau nak dendam ni...
aku kata kat dia
entahlah, sampai puas hatiiiiiiii!!!!!






nanti ok???

saya masih belum puas lagi ekk!!!!


  1. Hello ... tq for visiting my blog again! I truly appreciate it and it is an honor if you find my blog is beneficial in someway - I went through some of your posts - and like all blog writers - what you wrote were from your feelings.
    My sadness wasnt just Minime, my beloved cat.. my strength came from being betrayed some time ago - it was a bad one. I was devastated. But after tears couldnt come out from my eyes anymore (and my fear of being blind sebab asyik menangis) - I rise up and became myself! It was like climbing a mountain - I fall down many times and I climbed again - in my case I have 2 little children in tow - I shamed the person who betrayed me by becoming much much more. The past is to prepare you to be someone greater dear . Later on nobody would ever be able to deny the person you have become (and make sure it is awesome) :) Hope to see you again in my blog :)